Yes, to work in the Netherlands you must have a BSN. This is arranged through Eming. But you will have to go to the appointment yourself for privacy reasons. There are no costs associated with this. And note, this number is given once and is valid for your entire life.

We pay weekly or you can choose for a 4-week salary. What you receive is netto, so the health ensurance and tax is already paid. The payment is in accordance with the collective labor agreement. We recommend opening a Dutch bank account for a quick and smooth payment. The fastest and easiest way to open an account online, so that you do not have to make a physical appointment at a bank, is at the Bunq Bank.

Your employer registers you with StiPP
You accrue pension with StiPP if you have worked for one employer in the temporary employment and secondment sector for more than 8 weeks and you are at least 21 years old. A week in the waiting period counts as a week worked if you worked one or more hours in that week. If you do not work for a week, there is an interruption during the waiting period. If this interruption is shorter than 26 weeks, you simply continue to count the weeks in the waiting period. Is the interruption longer than 26 weeks? Then you start counting again. You also continue to count if there is successive employership or if the employee continues to work within the same group as referred to in Section 2:24b of the Dutch Civil Code. Once you have completed the waiting period, your employer will register you with StiPP.

If you participate in the StiPP pension scheme, your employer will provide us with your details on a monthly basis. Such as how many hours you have worked and your wages. You accrue pension on that basis. If you are registered, you will receive a welcome letter from StiPP. Example: You start working on February 1, 2022 and work every week from that moment on. From March 28, 2022 you will have worked for 8 weeks and you will start building up pension with StiPP. Your employer provides the data for March in April. You will therefore receive the welcome letter from StiPP at the end of April/beginning of May.

The pension scheme at StiPP
StiPP has two pension plans: the Basic Plan and the Plus Plan. You usually start (after 8 weeks of work) in the Basic Plan. After you have accrued 52 weeks of pension under the Basic Plan, you will switch to the Plus Plan. Your employer may also register you earlier for the Plus Scheme. If you recently participated in the StiPP pension scheme, you may immediately start participating in the Basic or Plus scheme. Your employer will ensure that you participate in the correct scheme.

With or without value transfer?
Have you previously built up pension with another pension fund? Then you can transfer this pension to StiPP. This is called value transfer. Is your accrued pension less than € 520.35 per year (2022)? In that case, the law provides that pension funds can choose to have this transferred automatically if you change jobs. You do not have to arrange anything yourself. Ask your previous pension provider whether automatic value transfer applies to you. Is your accrued pension higher than € 520.35 gross per year? Or does your previous pension provider not use the automatic value transfer? Then you can choose whether you want to transfer your pension. You can also transfer the pension that you are now building up with StiPP to another pension fund.

We provide a accomodation near the client or construction side. Ofcourse Eming pays for this and you don’t have to pay any allowance. You get a single bedroom with shared kitchen and bathroom. All this in accordance with the SNF quality mark.

If you are ill, you must call in sick at your client and by Flexpedia tel. +31(0)23 205 24 08.
Are you well again? In that case, report to the same Flexpedia telephone number as above.

If you work in the Netherlands, it is mandatory to have (basic) health insurance. At Eming you are insured through Zorg & Zekerheid. The basic premium is automatically deducted from your salary.