He has years of experience in a similar branche when Nick chose to start a new challenge at a promising, young company with big ambitions. “Eming is a very nice company. When client and employee are satisfied, then I am too. Getting this done every time gives me energy!” – According to Nick Koster.  

Nick Koster is 33 years old. He is married and together with his wife he enjoys their 2 beautiful boys in his spare time. In addition, he can often be found on the football field in Colmschate. He shines at the centre at the back with a team of friends.

That Nick is sporty is clear because in addition to the football field you can also meet him at the Tennis and Paddel Club.

Nick and Eming came into contact with each other over a year ago. In the conversations that followed, beautiful, inspiring ideas arose and Nick was offered the opportunity to set up a new branch for Eming. This was the start of his new job as Senior Account Manager Construction.

Average working day

Nick likes the friendly atmosphere at Eming. ” There is a good team spirit. Everyone is ready to help each other. The agency where I previously worked had more than 100 internal employees. It is precisely the small scale at Eming that appeals to me, it makes this company very approachable and provides a good dose of personality.


From now on Nick will also mediate Dutch professional painters. ” I like to know how the craftsmen are doing and want to get to know them. If something is going on, even if it is private, we always try to help them as best we can. That is also part of the recruitment of personnel. Of course everyone is also welcome at our office for a chat and a cup of good coffee. In addition, we consciously often visit projects ourselves, so that we can profile ourselves visibly. It is partly due to this that the name Eming does justice to us, we treat our employees at the same level as our clients. All this together makes us a successful and a very involved organization.”

“Before this, I worked at another employment agency as an accountmanager Painters. Over the time, the challenge of finding the right personnel grew. In contrast to that company, Eming has specialized in foreign technical personnel. This breeding ground is larger because you can move to many other European countries. Due to the (still) unknown terrain and the language barrier that occurs, Nick noticed in the beginning that our clients are somewhat hesitant about hiring foreign employees. Fortunately, the professionals speak English and over time it has become more apparent that the work processes still run smoothly, which has increased trust. At the moment the placements are going well, which results in Eming growing faster than we imagined.”