Tim Rozie recently joined Eming as a Jr. Account Manager. “I am currently 22 years old and I am living with my parents. In my spare time I can be found on the soccer field of ZVV in Apeldoorn. In addition, I like to read English books, watch Marvel movies and I am not unwilling to a game of Fifa on the PlayStation”.

Why Eming? “I don’t have much work experience yet and when I came into contact with Eming about a junior position, I immediately became enthusiastic. It appealed to me because I am going to be well trained internally to become an account manager. The supervision is well arranged and I can develop myself well here”.

How did you end up at Eming? “I was approached via LinkedIn. After reading the vacancy I became so enthusiastic that I immediately made contact by telephone. After this telephone conversation it already felt very good and I became even more enthusiastic. Less than a week later I sat at the table and the contract was signed”.

What do you do at Eming? “Now I mainly watch the other account managers a lot in order to learn the trade as well as possible. With the aim of building up my own client and candidate circle in the short term.

At the moment I have a lot of contact with new candidates, to help them find a great new job. In addition, I have various administrative tasks such as registering candidates and  finding suitable accommodation.”

Do you get enough space to develop yourself? “Yes, more than enough! I often go to projects and clients. And nowadays they often let me have a conversation with the candidates and clients. They let me go completely an my own when approaching candidates. It’s nice that confidence is already there after such a short time”

What does your working day look like? “Like many, I also start with a delicious cup of fresh coffee, after which I first check and answer my email. I then look in the agenda to see what my day will look like and with who I have an appointment with for an intake.”

What do you like best about Eming? He really enjoys interacting with clients and candidates. Such as by telephone and at the construction site and office. Tim finds it very interesting to see where the professionals work. He was recently in Rotterdam on your project of 20 high, a beautiful view over Rotterdam.

How is the collegial atmosphere? “Super! The first week I really felt at home. Everyone was ready to help me. Very open and honest.  A funny joke every now and then. You quickly feel at ease. And you don’t have to walk on your toes, making mistakes is allowed as long as you learn from them haha“.