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We always strive for the highest standards of quality and reliability in all our services. We believe in providing high-quality services that adhere to the strictest standards and guidelines in the industry. That is why we have a number of important certifications that show that quality, safety and reliability come first.

  1. VRO-certificering: as a certified VRO (Safety and Risk Management Maintenance) company, we meet the strictest standards in safety and risk management. This certification demonstrates our commitment to ensuring a safe working environment for all our employees, leading to a productive and worry-free workplace.
  2. NBBU membership: as a member of the NBBU (Dutch Association of Mediation and Temporary Employment Agencies), we adhere to the highest standards of quality, reliability, and integrity in our services. This membership underscores our dedication to fair and transparent labor mediation, striving for optimal satisfaction of both clients and employees.
  3. SNF certification: our SNF certification (Foundation for Standardization of Flex Housing) ensures that our housing facilities meet the stringent standards for flex housing. This certificate provides our employees with the assurance of safe and quality housing, allowing them to focus on their work without worrying about their living conditions.
  4. NEN certification: as an NEN-certified company, we comply with the standards of the NEN (Dutch Standardization Institute) related to specific aspects of our services. This certificate is a recognition of our adherence to national standards and guidelines, enabling us to assure our clients of consistent and high-quality service.
  5. VCU certification: our VCU certification (Safety and Health Checklist Temporary Employment Agencies) ensures that we meet the safety and health requirements for temporary employment agencies. Creating a safe working environment for our talents is of utmost importance to us. For clients and skilled workers, this leads to a productive and healthy work environment.

Why choose Eming?

  • Reliability: our certifications demonstrate that reliability and dedication to quality are highly valued in all our services.
  • Safety: safety is our top priority. With our certifications, clients can trust that we meet the highest safety standards in the industry.
  • Quality: our certifications testify to the value we place on quality and customer satisfaction in all our activities.

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