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  • Transparency: we tell it like it is and provide clear answers within 24 hours.
  • Attentive: we not only keep our finger on the pulse of our clients, but also of our technical talent.
  • Innovative: our staff is given the freedom to act according to their needs, so that we can continue to build lasting relationships.

Challenging opportunities in the metal, construction and installation sectors

We offer numerous challenging opportunities in the metal, construction and installation sectors, especially for both experienced professionals and newcomers to the industry.


Metalworking is an important part of various industries, from car and machine building to construction and production. As a metalworker you are responsible for shaping, processing and assembling metal parts. We have various vacancies in metalworking, including:

  • Welders / fitters: the backbone of every production, where craftsmanship and precision come together.
  • Assemblers: Bring complex metal structures to life by joining different components together.
  • Machinists: Master turning, milling and drilling to produce precise parts.
  • Technicians: assemble machines and equipment according to strict specifications and high quality standards.
  • Pipefitters: lay the foundation for safe and efficient pipeline systems in various industries.
  • Construction Painters: Protect and enhance metal surfaces with high-quality paints and coatings.

Whether you want to work in metalworking, you are interested in construction or your skills are in the field of technology, at Eming we have vacancies that perfectly match your expertise and ambitions.


The construction sector offers many opportunities for professionals with a passion for construction, renovation and architecture. Whether it concerns building houses, offices or infrastructure, there is always a demand for qualified construction professionals. At Eming we have vacancies for, among others:

  • Carpenters: bring wood to life with craft skills and precision.
  • Plasterers: transform rough surfaces into smooth, perfectly finished walls and ceilings.
  • Tilers: create beautiful tiling that is both functional and aesthetic.
  • Roofers: Protect buildings from the elements with high-quality roofing and insulation.
  • Painters: Give buildings a fresh look with high-quality paint and finishes.


The installation sector includes various disciplines, from electronics and electrical engineering to mechanical engineering and automation. Technical professionals play an important role in the design, installation and maintenance of all kinds of systems and equipment. We have vacancies for, among others:

  • Electricians: Install electrical systems and ensure safe and reliable power supply.
  • Plumbers: install complex pipe networks for water supply, heating and sanitary facilities.
  • Central heating technicians: install and maintain efficient and sustainable heating systems.
  • Mechanical (ventilation) technicians: ensure optimal air quality and comfort in various environments.

Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting your career in the technical sector, at Eming you will find challenging opportunities that perfectly match your skills and ambitions. Take the next step in your career and discover the possibilities that the metal, construction and engineering sectors have to offer you!

Talent experiences

  • Artur Makowski

    I recommend Eming: continuity of work assured, payments on time. Any problems just call the office and everything is solved immediately.

  • Alex Stefan

    A company with young, friendly and highly skilled staff. I have been working with them for 2 years now and am very happy with them, when I have needed their help, they have not let me down.

  • Zoltan Juhasz

    I think Eming BV is a very nice agency. I have good contact with Jim De Beer. He is a very helpful and kind man who does a lot for the people who work for the agency.

  • Michal

    I can highly recommend Eming. Very nice atmosphere. Very friendly people in the office, feels like a family. Everything is taken care of immediately!!!

  • Sharon L

    Good and a nice growing company! Coffee is always ready at Eming. You know exactly what you have on them. They arrange everything to perfection for both employees and clients. Eming is definitely recommended for companies looking for good and reliable staff!!!

  • Leon de Bok

    We have been doing business with Eming of Apeldoorn for many years. Personal, fast and reliable!

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