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Regulations: everything perfectly arranged

Compliance with regulations is of great importance for the successful execution of projects in technology. That is why we ensure that all our talents comply with all relevant laws and regulations, so that clients can work together with peace of mind. Below we discuss some important aspects of the regulations that we take into account.

Safety and working conditions

At Eming, the safety and well-being of our temporary workers always come first. We understand that working in the technical sector involves risks. Therefore, we take extensive measures to ensure that our temporary workers can work safely and healthily.

Our temporary workers undergo comprehensive training in all relevant aspects of safety before starting their assignments, such as the safe use of tools and machinery, identifying workplace hazards, and adhering to safety procedures. We continuously invest in training and upskilling our temporary workers to keep them updated on the latest safety standards and practices.

Additionally, we provide our temporary workers with high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE), such as helmets, safety shoes, hearing protection, and safety goggles. We ensure that all our temporary workers are equipped with the appropriate PPE for the specific tasks they perform to provide maximum protection.

As a staffing agency, we also take responsibility for ensuring safe working conditions at project sites. We work closely with our clients to ensure that all workplaces comply with applicable safety regulations and standards. Our commitment to workplace safety and health is an integral part of our company culture, and we continually strive to improve our performance in this area.

Taxation and Financial matters

As a client, you don’t have to worry about taxation and financial matters when working with Eming. We take full responsibility for all tax and financial aspects related to our temporary workers, allowing you to focus on your core activities.

This includes correctly withholding and remitting income taxes, social security premiums, and any other statutory deductions. Our experienced financial professionals ensure that all tax obligations of our talents are accurately complied with and paid on time.

Additionally, we provide our talents with clear and transparent pay slips and annual statements, so they are fully aware of their financial situation. We aim for open communication and are always available to address any questions or concerns our temporary workers may have in this regard.

Housing and living conditions

We value the well-being and living conditions of our talents. A comfortable and safe living environment is essential for their well-being and productivity. Therefore, we provide suitable accommodation near our project sites.

Our accommodations comply with all applicable standards and guidelines for flex housing and are equipped with all necessary facilities and amenities. We strive to provide a home away from home for our temporary workers, where they can relax and unwind after a long day of work.

Additionally, we consider the individual needs and preferences of our talents when assigning housing. We ensure that the accommodations align with the language, culture, and lifestyle of our temporary workers, making them feel comfortable and welcome at their temporary residence.

Certifications and quality standards

As a certified staffing agency, we adhere to the highest quality standards and certifications in the industry. Our certifications, including VRO, NBBU, SNF, NEN, and VCU, are a given for us. This ensures a safe environment for talents and clients, and our talents comply with legislation and regulations.

As a client, you can trust that Eming does everything possible to comply with all regulations and quality standards applicable to temporary workers in the technical sector. We strive for close collaboration with our clients to ensure compliance with all aspects of regulations and that our talents are safe, healthy, and satisfied during their assignments.

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