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Working in the Netherlands


Working in the Netherlands: discover the opportunities in the metal, construction and installation sectors

Welcome to the Netherlands, a country known for its thriving economy, advanced infrastructure and high-quality technological developments. For professionals in the metal, construction and installation sectors, the Netherlands offers countless opportunities to develop your skills and build a successful career. We understand that working abroad can be a big step. That is why we offer extensive support and guidance to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Why work in The Netherlands?

The Netherlands is known for its dynamic and innovative business environment. As a professional in the metal, construction, or installation sectors, you can benefit from the many advantages that the Netherlands has to offer, including:

  • Economic stability: The Netherlands has a strong economy and offers a stable work environment with numerous career opportunities.
  • Technological advancement: The Netherlands is renowned for its advanced technological sector, making it an ideal place for professionals interested in innovation and development.
  • International work environment: The Netherlands is a cosmopolitan country with a diverse and multicultural society. Working with people from different cultures can be a rewarding experience.
  • Quality of life: The Netherlands is globally known for its high standard of living, excellent healthcare, and outstanding educational opportunities.

Benefits of working with Eming

At Eming, we are ready to support you at every step of your professional journey to the Netherlands. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Jobs in the metal, construction, and installation sectors: we offer a wide range of vacancies in your field, helping you find the perfect job that matches your skills and experience.
  • Intensive support and guidance: our experienced team provides personal guidance and support to help you find a job, arrange insurance and housing, and if needed, schedule an appointment for a (mandatory) citizen service number.
  • Safety and certifications: Eming is certified by various organizations, including NBBU, VCU, Normec VRO, and SNA. These certifications indicate our high standards in quality, safety, and care for our employees.

Take the step towards a successful future

Whether you are looking for new challenges, better career opportunities, or just want to make a fresh start, the Netherlands offers countless possibilities for professionals in the metal, construction, and technology sectors. Take the step towards a successful future today with Eming as your partner!

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