Sharon Luhukay (34) has been working at Eming since September 2021, so it is time to get to know her better. With her experience in administration, a welcome addition for Eming. “I make sure that everything runs smoothly in the administrative area. A very nice and varied job which I enjoy very much.”

She lives in a small village near Apeldoorn called Ugchelen with her boyfriend Laurens. Besides dancing, cooking and doing puzzles, she prefers to spend her free time with him. They enjoy good series and a nice glass of wine together on the couch.

Why Eming? During my application I already felt how good the atmosphere was. The interviews were very open and sincere. And when I was asked if I came from Vaassen, I could say; No, not all Moluccans come from Vaassen haha.”

I felt absolutely no pressure to make a choice between Eming and a other company, this is something you experience at other organizations. Had a really good and positive first impression. Felt welcome, and that is why I chose Eming.

What do you do at Eming? “I have a very nice varied position within the administration. From the 1st line telephony, keeping up with the general mailbox and sending it to the right department.

I also ensure that everything runs smoothly for both internal colleagues and our professionals outside.

In addition, the complete administration is in my hands. You can think of booking the hours of our colleagues outside till invoicing. Basically the preparatory work before the financial administration continues the rest. I am also responsible for fleet management. Think of planning the cars, making driver agreements and checking the cars to be delivered and returned.”

Sharon – Backoffice Employee

Development opportunities. “There are plenty of those here. If you have an idea for an improvement or training to achieve this, it is certainly possible. Assertiveness is certainly encouraged. The management is open to recommendations and improvements to make the processes even smoother.”

What are the best aspects of working at Eming? “The Friday afternoon snack, no haha. The nice things are mainly the colleagues and the internal atmosphere. Especially when it’s busy, you see that everyone helps each other. Then we really are one team with one task. And that is very good for an organization and the mutual willingness to support each other”.

Where do you find relaxation? “I really like dancing, especially Hip-hop, puzzles and walking. I also like to cook, especially Moluccan. I cook this for my family and colleagues so that everyone can get acquainted with my roots, the Moluccan cuisine.

At home on the couch with my friend while enjoying a nice glass of wine, watching a good series, I completely relax. But hey, I’m a woman, so my biggest “hobby” is shopping!”.