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Beata Lukoic

Get to know me

In this article we introduce Beata, one of our recruiters at Eming. Beata is 30 years old and is originally from Lithuania, but has been living in the Netherlands for 10 years. They currently live in Apeldoorn with her boyfriend and daughter Emily. Beata herself moved from her mother country and therefore she knows better than anyone what it is like to work in another country.

Personal contact

At Eming, Beata is responsible for recruiting and hiring candidates. “Eming’s recruitment process goes through various job sites, social media channels and contacts with local UWVs,” says Beata. “The best thing about the job is the personal contact with the candidates, I always try to highlight the needs and qualities of the candidate.”


She conducts interviews with candidates by telephone, but nowadays also increasingly via video calling. “This is how Eming really distinguishes itself,” says Beata. This makes the process more personal and gives you room to get to know each other better. To avoid a mis-match, Beata always tries to get the best possible picture of the candidates. She believes it is important that the candidates also get a good idea of ​​Eming. This way we can best help candidates and link them to available vacancies that suit them.

Nice atmosphere

The work at Eming is really done together and everyone is willing to help each other. This improves the atmosphere in the office. Beata also really likes the variety in work. “Every day is different, which keeps the work interesting and challenging,” says Beata.

Italian dishes

In her spare time, Beata likes to be in the kitchen making new dishes. She likes to dig her nose into cookbooks for inspiration. Looking for the tastiest, especially Italian, meals.

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