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Jim de Beer

Get to know me

Jim (25) has been working at Eming as an Account Manager since April 2023. Get to know him and his work.

“I was looking for an employer where I can express my creativity and where I can continue to develop myself, I found this at Eming. During my job interview I immediately felt a click and was very enthusiastic about the work and the reception from the entire Eming team. It is a young company that is growing. I especially liked the short lines of communication and the fact that everyone is so helpful.

Jim fulfills the role of Account Manager in the construction and painting industry. He also has several years of experience in this, so he is a real addition to Eming.

He is involved in acquisition and guiding temporary workers before, during and after their placement. He does this in an informal way to quickly gain trust.

“On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays I am usually on the road to customers and our employees.
I like to visit the construction site to see what is going on and to support them in all kinds of matters. You can think of supplying work clothes, but also just having a chat. Of course, you have to take into account that our professionals come from all over Europe and are not always familiar with the ins and outs of the Netherlands.”

The rest of the week he can be found in the office to arrange all kinds of matters. Consider arranging accommodation, administration and maintaining contact with (potential) clients.

In his spare time he likes to watch football or kick a ball with his friends. When he has finished, they like to end with a snack and a drink.

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