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Michaela Stifterova

Get to know me

Michaela has been working at Eming for some time now and knows better than anyone what it is like to work in another country. She moved from her native Czech Republic to the Netherlands and has lived here since 2017. During these years she has also gained a lot of experience in the recruitment field, experience which is useful in her position at Eming. “It is an added benefit as a recruiter that I know exactly how the process works. It is therefore very nice that I can arrange everything as best as possible for our candidates, so that they can work here with peace of mind and safety.

At Eming… “I am a recruiter. For example, I have daily contact with various candidates from all over the European Union, whom I try to help find a good job. For example, I have several interviews and job interviews in one day. If the candidate is suitable for the position, I and my colleagues will ensure that everything is properly arranged. This is so that they can start the first working day well. I like that I can really mean something to the candidate and client.

I think most people know that the time when candidates flooded in is over. Despite this, I work every day to find the candidate who suits the assignment. We do this in a personal way with a lot of attention. Thanks to this attitude of mine and my colleagues, we as a company have made very good progress, for both clients and candidates.”

The best thing about working at Eming… “is that our team can switch quickly and pick up more points together. In our company we really do teamwork. This is not only reflected in colleagues at the office, but also in the candidates who work for us. They also nominate new candidates themselves, who then also start working for us. When I see and hear that, I think that we as Eming are doing something very good. That really makes it fun for me.”

What are you proud of? “On the personality that we as a company radiate towards the candidate and client and that we really ensure that everything is properly arranged. This is really important to me, because I am really a people person. The fact that Eming actually stands for this as a company makes me proud to work here.

I am also always very proud when the candidates, as well as the clients, are satisfied with what we do for them. Ultimately, that is what we are working for.”

What would you still like to achieve? “I recently started the HR management course at Saxion in Deventer. This study allows me to view Eming from a different perspective and support them in other areas in the future through my advice. In addition, if we continue to grow as we are now, I want to transfer my knowledge to new recruiters in the future. I think it would not only be fun to share knowledge with each other, but also to help each other in this way and really create something beautiful.”

The atmosphere within our team… “is very pleasant. Initially, of course, it was a very male team. I believe that the men had to get used to the fact that two female colleagues also came to work. But in that respect I think that I have a good character as a person, because I don’t let myself be fooled. Despite the jokes in between, I notice that everyone is on the same page and we all like to throw our weight behind a challenge. This makes it a very nice team to work with. The atmosphere is very good, we all have enough energy! Like I said, it’s real teamwork.”

The future of Eming… “looks more than positive as far as I’m concerned. We are currently on an upward trend and are continuing to grow steadily. I think the great thing about Eming is that we really maintain the quality while growing. I think that is Eming’s strength, to be able to give that personal attention and to continue to strive for it. I really think that sets us apart from others in the industry.”

Where do you find relaxation? I do kickboxing, so I can really enjoy it. This is really a moment of relaxation for me. Now of course that is a bit less at the moment. Because of this I try to find other ways in which I can clear my head. For example, by going for a walk or by spending time with my loved ones.

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