“When Eming hired me, it felt like coming home. And it still feels that way, I enjoy going to work and I am also proud to work here!”

Xander Snakenbroek has been working at Eming since June. With his years of experience in job placement and marketing is Xander the all-rounder who supports us in all kinds of areas.

About Xander…” Together with my childhood sweetheart, whom I married and my two beautiful sons I live in Apeldoorn. Almost my entire work history I have been in the job placement of technical professionals. I have worked a lot with international professionals to highly educated people in the construction and engineering sector.

In recent years is there, in addition to this experience, also added some (online) marketing and employer branding. As a result, I am very all-round in this field and I can now take up this role further at Eming. I am a social person with integrity, and it is important that everyone feels good and is satisfied. When that is the case, only then am I satisfied!”

At Eming…” we don’t settle for less and always strive for excellence. It is precisely because of the small scale of Eming that we can guarantee this, and we really guarantee both the professional and the client. I will be expanding this even further soon and my experience in personnel mediation will therefore come in handy.

In addition to the above, I am responsible for all operational matters within Eming, for example: personnel-related matters and everything that needs to be arranged for the office. From a broken lamp to the purchase of promotional gifts, I will make sure it’s taken care of. So, a very versatile function!”

The best thing about my job at Eming…” is that no day is the same for me. That also means that I fully enjoy every day as soon as I step into the office. Besides that, no day is the same, I also get the space and confidence for personal development.”

The atmosphere within our team… I would describe as open and driven. We all enjoy our work together and are ambitious people. When Eming hired me, it felt like coming home. And it still feels that way, I enjoy going to work and I am also proud to work here! Humour and ambiance are number one, in addition to being result-oriented and growing together.”

My life motto is…” one that applies to both private and work: “Don’t wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain.” And I hope to do so for a long time to come!